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March 1, 2021

Zero Deaths from Natural Health Products … Again

Written by:  Anthony Rees (National Chairman: TNHA) Our mainstream media regularly publishes alarming articles about the ‘dangers of natural health products’. Such articles invariably exaggerate and misinterpret the studies they refer to. At the same time, the thousands of studies showing how an insufficient intake of vital nutrients and phyto-chemicals (protective and health promoting chemicals in fruits, vegetables and herbs) can contribute to many health problems, and how regular use of science-based natural health products... Read More

Fake “Professor” Traditional Healer Promoted as Pro-Vaccine Influencer by Fake News

Written by:  Anthony Rees (National Chairman: TNHA) HOW GOVERNMENT AND THE MEDIA USED A CON “PROFESSOR” AS THEIR VACCINE INFLUENCER With the first phase of the national Covid-19 vaccine rollout finally underway, and a reported 67,000 healthcare workers having already been vaccinated, our government has indicated that vaccines will soon be offered to the estimated 220,00 traditional healers in our country as part of the extended healthcare workers rollout. This comes after a certain Limpopo... Read More