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Please sign this TNHA petition to maintain our access to Cannabidiol (CBD) in South Africa without a doctors prescription, and to stop CBD oil and CBD-containing foods and skincare products from being seized at our border.

If you work in the industry or you or a friend or family member has benefited from CBD, please sign and share the petition. For more detailed information on this effective CBD ban and embargo, click here.

This petition will be served on the Minister of Health and the Acting CEO of the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).



The Hon. Aaron Motsoaledi
The Minister of Health
Private Bag X828

Ms. Portia Nkambule
The Acting Chief Executive Officer
South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA)
Meiring Naudé Road

Dear Sir / Madam,

Today I was informed that CBD oil and CBD-containing products for medicinal use were scheduled as prescription-only medicines (Schedule 4 medicines) in South Africa, and that other CBD and CBD-containing products in safe, low suggested daily intakes used as dietary supplements (for maintaining health a wellness), skincare and food ingredients are now banned Schedule 7 narcotics.

I also learned that all CBD oil and CBD-containing products which have until recently been imported into South Africa are now being actively seized by the Port Health Authority under the instructions of the SAHPRA, thereby severely curtailing the public’s continued access to them in future.

This will have the unintended consequence of expanding an unregulated black market of such products, and whereby the unsuspecting public will potentially be put at risk from unscrupulous sellers who may sell products of questionable quality and safety.

Scheduling CBD as a prescription-only drug or banned supplement is not in line with what is happening in many other progressive countries around the world, where CBD oil and CBD-containing products are sold legally as dietary supplements and food and skincare product ingredients.

This is also contrary to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, who in November 2017 declared that CBD not be regulated by international Medicines Regulatory Authorities as controlled or scheduled substance.

I object to now being forced to visit a medical doctor and to pay for a costly consultation fee to access CBD oil and CBD-containing products, as no doctors are formally trained in the use CBD in South Africa. Few will be willing to prescribe it.

I also object to having to persuade a medical doctor to apply for a Section 21 Exemption Permit to obtain CBD for my personal use, as the only foreign approved CBD-containing medicines which will be allowed into the country on such a permit for a maximum period of three months will be CBD isolates produced by pharmaceutical companies and not full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD. This option will be highly inconvenient, frustrating and unaffordable.

Currently there is only one foreign approved and patented CBD drug (containing only CBD), and which is unaffordable for most South Africans. The drug branded EPIDIOLEX® currently costs $23 000 [+/- R325 000] for a year’s supply.

Take note that I have the right to make my own decisions about how I maintain my health and wellness. I want to have the right to choose safe, affordable and responsibly manufactured CBD oil and CBD-containing products in future.

I therefore call upon you to urgently reverse your irrational and overly-restrictive scheduling of CBD oil and CBD-containing products, and allow for them to be accessed freely as over-the-counter / non-prescription products. 

Approved over-the-counter CBD products should minimally:

  1. be full spectrum CBD products derived from hemp, with less than 1 part per million of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), rendering them non-psychoactive and non-habit-forming,

  2. be limited to an acceptable safe upper daily intake limit,

  3. be produced with appropriate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP),

  4. Be regulated in terms of what health claims may or may not be allowed on the products, their labels, and associated marketing materials.

CBD can be regulated as both a non-prescription and prescription-only substance in products in terms of the Medicines Act, with a clear separation between them being made on the product’s daily dosage and label claims. This has been already done for many health products / medicines in South Africa.

I support the TNHA's current High Court action to review your previous scheduling decision in November 2017 in this regard.

Please do the right thing and align the scheduling of CBD to international best practice, and the WHO’s recommendations.

Please respect my Constitutional Right to have full control over my own health and bodily integrity (Chapter 2, Section 12 - SA Bill of Rights).

I call upon you to lift the current ban on all CBD imports without a Section 21 Exemption Permit which was recently imposed by your instruction to the Port Health Authority.

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