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AstroTurf Protesters at the Trial of the Cannabis Plant? – Day 1

On what was supposed to be the first day of the Trial of the Cannabis Plant at the Pretoria High Court yesterday, a ragtag mob of about thirty predominantly male protesters stood in front of the court shouting rhetorical anti dagga epithets and holding placards with slogans like ‘No to dagga’ , ‘Dagga Ruins Lives’ , ‘Dagga Kills’ etc.

What was apparent is that all the placards were produced by one person, having the same font style and constructed from the same materials.

Who are these people?

The protesters appear to have been a coalition of two separate groups made up of the organizations calling themselves Concerned Young People of South Africa (YPSA) and #No To Dagga SA / Sharing without Shame.


The YPSA group were handing out pamphlets to passers bye, full of fear porn vitriol against dagga, reminiscent of the USA government’s ‘Reefer Madness’ propaganda campaign staged in the mid 1930’s.

This group allegedly traveled all the way to Pretoria to protest from Silverstream Farm in Kranskop in rural Kwazulu-Natal.

This is confirmed from the ZA central internet domain registry listing for their website cypsa.org.za.

Domain Name: cypsa.org.za
Registrant Street: Silverstream Farm
Registrant City: Kranskop
Registrant State/Province: KZN
Registrant Postal Code: 3268
Registrant Country: ZA
Registrant Phone: +27.324815600

This organization shares the same physical address and contact details with a Christian NGO named Mission Kwasizabantu (www.ksb.org.za).

Domain Name: ksb.org.za
Registrant Street: Silverstream Farm
Registrant City: Kranskop
Registrant State/Province: KZN
Registrant Postal Code: 3268
Registrant Country: ZA
Registrant Phone: +27.324815600

The Mission is run by evangelist Erlo Hartwig Stegen. Mission Kwasizabantu originated in South Africa in 1970 , but has grown to include centres in several countries, most notably Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Russia, Romania, Australia and the United States.

Of particular interest in this case is the Mission’s long-term strategic partnership with an American based conservative Christian NGO, Doctors for Life International Inc (www.doctorsforlife.co.za), which is a party which was admitted as a friend of the court on the side of the State in this case.

Today, the Doctors For Life International Inc’s facebook page is promoting the YPSA pamphlets which were handed out yesterday, and sharing videos of the YPSA protesters in front of the court.

They are also allegedly assisting in setting up the breakfast facilities for today’s YPSA protesters on the property of the High Court.


This other crowd from Gauteng who protested yesterday, and are expected to be there again today is the Yellow Ribbon / #No To Dagga SA campaigns headed by Eldorado Park and Kliptown based ANC political activist and anti-drug activist Dereleen James.

The below photo shows Dereleen leading her protesters outside the court.

Yesterday Dereleen posted on her facebook page asking for assistance to bus more protesters to today’s court hearing. About four hours later the facebook post was mysteriously deleted.

Dereleen is a listed State witness in opposition to the applicants in this case.

Dereleen was witnessed walking around the court and sitting in the benches with Nandi Mayathula-Khoza, member of the Executive Council (MEC) for the Gauteng Department of Social Development.

Here they are again using the toi-toi mob as a backdrop to to advance their narrative at 2 minutes 16 seconds.into the video.

From the above it is pretty obvious that the protesters outside the Pretoria High Court are the running dogs of MISSION KWASIZABANTU, a DOCTORS FOR LIFE INTERNATIONAL INC partner organization, and the YELLOW RIBBON / #NO TO DAGGA SA campaigns, run by State witness DARELEEN JAMES.

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