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The Traditional & Natural Health Alliance is broad-based organization dedicated to natural health and organic products. Our members include manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, practitioners and users of traditional & natural health products and organic products. These can include functional foods, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal products, aromatherapy oils, homeopathic products, sports nutrition products and natural skincare products.


Your Top 5 Reasons to Become a TNHA Member

  1. Find strength in numbers: As a TNHA member you’re automatically welcomed into an important, powerful and growing network in the natural health and organic industry. You share in a strong, collective voice representing thousands of natural health industry stakeholders.
  2. Safeguard your business interests: Get an inside look at industry regulation and how it may impact your organization. We share industry developments with you as we monitor issues, regulations and government policies pertaining to NHPs and organic products. While we work on your behalf for improvements with government and industry experts, we also provide opportunities for you to join working groups to discuss and provide advice, feedback and recommendations on strategic issues.
  3. Increase credibility: Your membership enables you to display the TNHA logo, a brand that will build a reputation of respect and is recognized industry wide.
  4. Be in the know: Don’t get left out of the loop! Membership gives you access to the latest industry information through timely eNewsletters, announcements, webinars and more. Our communications keep you up-to-date; delivering industry news you can use to make important business decisions.
  5. We are Your Voice, Your Growth and Your Community

Membership Categories

Thanks for applying to be part of the TNHA.  In order to become a member, your primary business activity must be in one of the following areas of the natural health and/or organic products industry we represent. Please indicate which one of the following categories describes your primary business activity – where a company is engaged in multiple streams of business, please select the option in which the majority of your business is done.

    Product Manufacturers

    – Importers
    – Wholesalers
    – Raw Ingredient Suppliers
    – Direct Selling Companies
    – Health Shops
    – Pharmacies
    – Integrative Medical Doctors
    – Traditional Health Practitioners / Healers
    – Allied Health Practitioners
    – Nutritional Therapists
    – Consumers & Patients who use natural health products

Annual Membership Fees

Because our work has become more proactive and specialised, the time has come to formalise and broaden our membership structures, and intensify our campaigns. To raise the funds necessary to operate more efficiently we will now be levying affordable annual membership fees. Below is a list of 2019 – 2020 fee schedules for annual membership fees. The Membership year begins on the day you sign up and ends one calendar year thereafter.

Upon receipt of your application forms and the clearance of your annual membership fees, the TNHA will enter you or your company into the appropriate membership category registers and send you a membership certificate which is valid for one calendar year from date of issue.


Account name: Natural Health Alliance
Bank: Nedbank
Account Number: 1009801546
Branch Code: 101009
International SWIFT Code: NEDSJJ

Join Now

 Join the TNHA in two easy steps.
  1. Please indicate which one of the following categories describes your primary business activity and fill in your Application Form.
  2. Email us proof of payment for you annual membership fees to membership@naturalhealthalliance.co.za.

Proceed by clicking on your membership category button below.





What happens next?

Once we receive your complete application form and clearance of fees we will email you your tax receipt, welcome letter and annual membership certificate.