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Those who have unlawfully inflicted harm on the natural health products sector need to held to account.

15 July 2022

The TNHA are calling upon companies in the natural health product industry to come forward and share with us their experiences in dealing with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority [SAHPRA] since the 2017 complementary medicines regulations were gazetted.

  • Has your company gone to great lengths, and at great cost in order to comply with this fatally flawed and unlawful regulatory scheme?
  • Have you had to close down your business, or sell it, fearing you would not be able to comply with the regulations?
  • Have you or your staff been harassed by SAHPRA officials and inspectors? (by site visits and threatening letters)
  • Have you been offered the release of your natural health products at a port of entry into South Africa by a SAHPRA or Port Health official upon payment of a bribe?
  • Have your natural health products been arbitrarily prohibited from being cleared by Port Health & SAHPRA?
  • Have your product applications for registration been rejected on spurious and arbitrary grounds?
  • Have you experienced a lack of or non-communication from the Complementary Medicines office in the SAHPRA on making inquiries?
  • Have you had to spend large amounts of money in order to license your manufacturing facility or product holding facility as an importer, wholesaler or distributor of natural health products?
  • Have you had to hire a full-time pharmacist at great expense in order to tick compliance boxes to safe, low-risk sell natural health products?

The TNHA and its partners are currently exploring specific and/or class action to sue for damages and compliance costs on behalf of its members who have experienced these issues listed above.

We may also pursue suing key decision-makers for punitive costs in their personal capacities, and/or lay relevant criminal charges against officials alleged to be acting in a corrupt manner.

If any of the above bullet points apply to you, please email contact@tnha.co.za or phone us on 072 3777 598.

All information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Feel free to share this message with companies in the sector.



Anthony Rees
National Chairman

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