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Current Campaign

The TNHA launched on the 13th of May 2014, in response to the regulatory crisis resulting from the Dep. of Health gazetting what we consider unconstitutional regulations for ‘Complementary Medicines’ in November 2013.

Since then our organization has been focused on establishing a legal, political and public platform to lobby and legally overturn these regulations.

Future Campaigns

In the near future, the TNHA may expand it’s lobbying activities to cover the following burning issues affecting our health and health choices:

  • Nuturing and Safeguarding of Traditional Medicines
  • Development of Integrated Medicine
  • Problems within the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPCSA)
  • Probelms with regard to the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA
  • Food for Health
  • Sustainable Healthcare
  • Good Science & Good Law in Health
  • The threat of International Harmonization of the natural health sector (Codex Alimentarius and other Regional Harmonization issues)
  • Genetically Modified Organisms & Health
  • Vaccine Choices


If you or your existing organization have been actively engaged in any of the current or invisaged campaign above, you can volunteer as a member or become an alliance partner of the TNHA.

If you would like actively participate in any of our campaigns, email your CV and proposal to contact@naturalhealthalliance.co.za.

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